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Jul - Oct 2023

Scope of Work

Research, UX/UI Design



Spectacle is a mobile application designed to facilitate seamless communication and interaction between artists and galleries, unifying various opportunities and enabling seamless exploration and application between both. Traditionally, artists navigate numerous platforms for opportunities, from juried shows to residencies. The goal was to create an app that simplifies artwork submission, acceptance, and exhibition organization, ultimately fostering a more vibrant art community.


Artists struggle to find a centralized platform for streamlined art submissions and direct communication with galleries, while galleries lack an efficient system to manage submissions and connect with potential artists.


Develop an app simplifying artwork submission for artists, optimizing the discovery process for galleries, and enhancing exposure and connection in the art world.



Here's the Hard Truth... Artists Can't Build a Career on Their Own

Laying the foundation

As an artist myself, I'm familiar with the challenges of seeking opportunities and navigating the art world. However, recognizing the diversity of experiences, I conducted user interviews to gain an even better understanding of fellow artists and galleries. Additionally, 6 individuals conducted a survey. Here are the insights gathered.


of respondents prefer digital tools like calendars and apps to manage their submissions, highlighting the need for an efficient digital platform for managing gallery submissions.


of respondents are interested in information about the organization's history and reviews.


of respondents prioritize relevance to their artistic style, and an equal percentage prioritize profitability and location when considering submission opportunities.

Exploring the artistic landscape

Analyzing similar apps and websites like Artsy and Artist Archive highlighted their limited ability to consolidate various opportunity types. Their focus tends to be primarily on sales or display, lacking a holistic approach towards artists' needs. Calls for entry websites provide opportunities but in a scattered manner without the option for networking and events.


Crafting the User Experience

Utilizing insights from the research, I formulated a set of features, envisioning an easy-to-use app that encompasses simplified login processes, personalized opportunity filtering, saved opportunities, notifications, deadline tracking, submission history, and more.

Resonating with their needs

The data collected from user interviews gave rise to three primary user personas: "Emerging Artist Sam," "Mid-level Artist David" and "Gallery Curator Sarah." These personas served as guiding archetypes throughout the design process, allowing a user-centric approach for Spectacle.


  • Finding suitable opportunities is time-consuming across various platforms.

  • Figuring out how to prepare application materials can be challenging.

  • Missing out on opportunities due to missed deadlines or lack of awareness.

  • Limited chances to connect and network with other artists and professionals.

  • There's no central place to find and organize opportunities, making it difficult to stay updated.

  • It's difficult to discover opportunities that fit their artistic style or interests.


  • Artists need a time-saving solution that consolidates opportunities.

  • Personalized recommendations based on artistic style are crucial for artists.

  • Support with application preparation and clear guidelines would boost artist confidence.

  • Tools for managing deadlines and receiving notifications are essential.

  • Networking opportunities within the platform are highly valued by artists.

  • A centralized platform for call for entry opportunities is immensely valuable.

Artistic avenues explored

Task flows were the next vital step. Four distinct task flows were identified. They defined the paths that artists and galleries would follow within the app. Every interaction, from submitting artworks to reviewing artist and gallery profiles.

Task 1: Artist uploads artwork to their portfolio

Task 2: Browsing Artist calls and submitting

Task 3: Gallery reviews submission and accepts application

Task 4: Artist receives submission approval notification


An Engaging Digital Canvas

To kick-off the design process, I explored different solutions, applied design principles, and refined the app's interface to create an intuitive and user-centered experience.

Minimal meets maximum

A minimalistic approach was employed, keeping the color palette simple with white, black, and subtle hints of neon lime. These colors allowed the vibrant artworks to take center stage, and the design aimed to remain clean and elegant to maintain focus on art itself.

Spectacle's logo is a visual representation of the app's core purpose – bridging the gap between artists and galleries. It takes the form of two circular shapes that appear to be merging, symbolizing the connection and interaction between these two vital aspects of the art world. The circular shapes, which resemble lenses or two interconnected spheres, mirror the idea of seeing and understanding. In this context, it signifies how artists and galleries can view, connect, and engage with each other through the app.

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Test and Iterate

Final Designs

Upload Artwork to New Profile
Browse Calls and Submit Work
Review Submissions
Get Notified

Step-by-step guide to set up a brand new artist profile and effortlessly upload artwork.

Option to filter various calls for entry, select desired opportunities, and submit artwork with just a few taps. Stay informed and keep track of the submission progress.

Evaluate submissions with the option to add a note or move to consideration. Artist will be notified when their entry is accepted or rejected.

Instantly receive customized acceptance notifications and respond with drop-off times, accompanied by the option to explore related galleries and exhibitions.

Album Playlist
Personal Playlist

From the home screen, users move to the targeted album playlist, activate multi-select with a long press, and swiftly choose multiple songs. Actions for an album playlist include "Add to Playlist," "Hide Songs," "Add to Queue," and "Share."

From the home screen, users navigate to their personal playlist, activate the multi-select mode through a long press, and choose multiple songs. Options include, "Add to Playlist," "Remove from Playlist," "Add to Queue," "Share," "Move to Top," and "Move to Bottom."


Spectacle empowers artists by simplifying the submission process, offering personalized recommendations, and providing efficient deadline management tools. Galleries benefit from a streamlined review process, enhanced exposure, and the opportunity to connect with emerging talent. Overall, it enhances exposure for both artists and galleries, acting as a hub where they can easily explore, connect, and engage with each other.

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