Cindy Amaya
Your guide to planning your next dinner party, designed for hosts and guests.





Dec 2022 - Mar 2023

Scope of Work

UX/UI Design


Mobile App

Riendo is a mobile app designed to make planning dinner parties easier for both hosts and guests. Through the app, users will be able to create an event, start a poll, make a potluck list, and assign important tasks to guests. Users can also create a shopping list and cross off items on their to-do list. From the table setting and food menu to the entertainment and music, users can explore recipes and guides to make their evening full of memories and laughter.


Planning a dinner party can be intimidating and overwhelming. Existing event planning apps fall short in providing organizational components. The result is users turning to other platforms instead of having everything in one place.


An all-in-one event planning platform for hosts and guests.



Dinner Party Dilemma
A glance at the competition

The project kicked off by examining competitors and understanding how other platforms operate. I analyzed four different competitors and while each excelled in certain aspects of event planning, none of them had the whole package. Users were stuck switching between apps.

Voices from the dinner table

I conducted interviews with 6 individuals ages 24-50 who were currently planning or had planned a dinner party.

I asked questions about:

  • Their experience with hosting dinner parties

  • What platforms they use to help plan

  • If they prefer to cook or order in

  • What they would like to know in advance for the dinner to flow smoothly


Crafting the Recipe for the Perfect Fiesta

The next step was to understand the core challenges and needs of users. After analyzing the affinity map and the commonalities people face, I drew conclusions and hypotheses for each grouping.

Dinner Party Personas

To narrow down the unique habits, pain points, and goals of users, I categorized them into three categories to guide the flow of the app. This helped me gain a better picture of what the user journey may look like.


  • People are using the Notes app to list to-do’s, so implementing a way to allow planners to manage their tasks can help keep things organized in the same place.

  • I’d like to explore ways for attendees to communicate with one another in case of any food restrictions or last minute arrangements.

  • I’d like to explore ways for invitees participating in a potluck theme to better communicate what they are bringing to ensure there’s enough of everything.


  • How might we help users from using other apps to cross off their to-do list?

  • How might we allow guests to be part of the planning so that everything runs smoothly at the dinner party?

  • How might we make deciding on the menu easier for the planner so that everyone enjoys the food?

Navigating user mental models with card sorting

I conducted a remote card sorting with 10 participants. My goal with this exercise was to discover how people think about and make sense of topics presented to them to better organize content. Significantly, Decor ideas and Recipes were consistently grouped together 70% of the time. Users expressed a preference for easy access to key features like Directions, Photos, Voting, and Potluck Sign-ups directly on the invitation page.

Salsa steps through dinner delight

Using the information from research and all 3 personas, I developed user flows and task flows that highlight a user's path from event creation to recipe searching.


Setting the Table

Next, it was time to establish the aesthetic direction of Riendo.

Design Direction

Part event planning platform, part inspiration hub, part recipe guide, part communication tool, and part guest management system. It seamlessly integrates checklists, creative inspiration, recipes, a chat system for effective communication, and a guest tracking feature, along with the capability to conduct polls for better planning.

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Test and Iterate

A Toast to Sucess

Album Playlist
Personal Playlist

From the home screen, users move to the targeted album playlist, activate multi-select with a long press, and swiftly choose multiple songs. Actions for an album playlist include "Add to Playlist," "Hide Songs," "Add to Queue," and "Share."

From the home screen, users navigate to their personal playlist, activate the multi-select mode through a long press, and choose multiple songs. Options include, "Add to Playlist," "Remove from Playlist," "Add to Queue," "Share," "Move to Top," and "Move to Bottom."

6 testers and a 100% usability rate

I conducted interviews with 6 participants and provided them with a link to the prototype. Users were given a scenario and asked followed-up questions.

Ensuring hosts and guests have the essential tools they need

At it's core, Riendo captures the joy of coming together and creating unforgettable dinner parties. For hosts, it's about seamless planning; for guests, it's about delightful experiences. Riendo reflects the impact of intentional design, aiming to elevate a blend of laughter, shared moments, and the joy that comes with every celebration.

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